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2018 Membership Renewal

We are excited to announce that registration for the 2018 Swim Season at DT Pool is open. This is DT Pool’s fourth year leveraging SwimTopia. To reduce your data entry, please sign in ( to SwimTopia and your family’s information will pre-populate your registration form.

If you have forgotten your password, do not worry. Simply click on the “Forgot your password?” link and SwimTopia will send you a private URL link to your registered email address and you can reset your password. Once signed into SwimTopia, click on “2018 Membership Renewal.” There are five private URL links for families, couples, and individuals to sign up for the 2018 season and renew their membership. Please do not forward these private membership URLs to anyone. These private URL links are only for existing DT Pool members.

DT Pool continues to offer some of the lowest membership fees in the area. Where other Northern Virginia pools have fees well over $700, we are keeping our fees the same for 2018. As you may remember, we invested $40,000 in improvements going into last season (new kitchen, baby pool deck expansion, better drainage) and we are looking at a few other upgrades this year. DT will continue to contract for pest control (e.g. mosquitoes and flies) and for a weekly cleaning service (e.g. bathrooms, kitchen, gas grills). In our continuing pool management contract, DT Pool will open at 10 AM rather than 11 AM starting July 30th to give members an extra hour of sun in August. We will, once again, offer the popular Masters (Adult) Swim program 5 days a week from 6:15 AM to 7:30 AM. The Board is very excited this time of year as we start the wheels moving to get ready for the best summer season yet. We hope you are getting excited too. 
Membership Type Description Membership Dues
Family Membership Three or more related family individuals at the same address $540
Couple Membership Two related individuals (e.g. husband and wife or parent and single child) at the same address $415
Single Membership One individual member at the same address $245
Alumni Couple Two related individuals with ten years of consecutive membership to DT Pool with no children 18 or under at the same home $180
Alumni Single One individual with 10 years of consecutive membership to DT Pool with no children 18 or under at the same address $90

All DT Pool Membership registrations will be individually reviewed and prior DT membership confirmed. Pool memberships may not be transferred or sold. Membership dues must be received by March 30, 2018. To secure your family’s registration for the 2018 swim season, please do not delay remitting payment. After March 30, 2018, a late payment fee of $50 will be assessed and your priority registration will be lost. Based on availability, new members will be invited to join DT Pool until we reach capacity, so do not delay.

DT Pool currently has a waiting list.  If your family is not returning for the 2018 season, please let us know at so we may offer your membership to a new family.

VOLUNTEER FOR SPRING CLEAN UP:  Sign Up Genius has a list of opportunities for you and your family to help us get the pool ready for the season.  If you can't volunteer, you can contribute funds to help defray the costs for paid labor to help us get ready. 

Finally, registration for the DT Dolphins Swim Team will begin in late April, so stayed tuned for further information.

If you need assistance or have questions regarding registration, please email Susan Stickles, DT Membership at

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